Integer and others

Please add the possibility to reduce numbers to either the integer, or the digits after the decimal separator.

For example:

mu(int,2.8462) and mu(int,2.205) would both result in 2

mu(frac,2.8462) would result in 0.8462

mu(frac,2.8462,1) would result in 8.462

mu(frac, 2.8462,2) would result in 84.62

and so on

and the modulo operator would be great

mu(mod,12,5) would result in 2

the remainder of 12/5 is 2

Thank you in advance

Hi! You can do int / mod by doing the following:

  • $mi(floor, number)$ will write the closest LOWER integer of number, so both 2.8 and 2.2 will output 2
  • $5 % 2$ will do the modulus, so in this case it will print 1

Good morning Mr. Monza,

thank you for replying that fast and surprisingly easy.

I have to admit, I just started using KWGT, before that, I used Zooper. But at some point it didn't update anymore.

1. But what about the 'frac' function. Without subtracting the integer from the actual number.

2. By the way, how do I nest formulas like:


3. Is there any list, naming all the operators and functions available in KWGT?

thank you in advance

kind regards