Incorrect time in other time zones

I have my wallpaper show the times in a number of different timezones, using the layer seeing TZone. It works well most of the time. But when I am in India which has a half hour off time (UTC+5:30) the times in other zones don't always show up correctly. When the time in India is in the first 30 minutes of an hour, the times in Brussels and New York show up correctly. But for the next 30 minutes, those times are off by one hour.

Example: time in India is 1:27 pm. Time in Brussels is 9:57 am, and SF is 12:57 am, and both show correctly. Then at 1:31 pm India, the Brussels time shows as 9:01 am and SF as 12:01 am which are one hour earlier.

I know this is a weird issue so thanks for looking into it.