Incorrect screen resolution display in Kustom and out

Device is an S10 5g with screen resolution set in the system to WQHD+ (3040 x 1440). I'm using text variables of $si(rwidth) and $si(rheight) to display the resolution on the wallpaper, but the variable returns a resolution that's 50% of the actual resolution (i.e. 720 x 1520). In addition, the variable returns yet another resolution (960 x 2027) on the wallpaper outside of Kustom.

The si(rheight) and si(rwidth) show the size on kustom points not your real resolution, you can go here to the Functions page and see what display every function.

OK. Multiplying swidth and sheight by sdensity gives me the correct resolution inside and outside K (Actually, almost the correct resolution; it's under by 1.5 DPI for width and over 1.5 for height). Thank you!

EDIT: Actually, it still leaves the issue of placement being incorrect. Placing two shapes touching inside of KLWP doesn't have them touching outside of the app. In other words, the placement inside and outside of the application don't match correctly.

You can see if the ratio of the editor is set to default, this is in the last icon in the right of the editor, the phone icon with 2 lines in the 2 sides.

It is set to default. Should it be?

EDIT: Interesting. It looks like a reboot of the phone might have fixed the problem.

Good you solved this, probably the problem is that Kustom is working at 1.5 per kustom points

(960 x 2027) and your resolution is at 2 per kustom points, (3040 x 1440)

Good the reboot solved it 👌👍