Improvements for the formula editor (mono font, collapse kodes)

I'd appreciate if the formula editor was more like a normal coding environment, for ease of use.

The things that come to mind:

  • Mono font for the editor. At least as a choice. (If it already is I'm sorry)
  • Collapsible kode example section. I remember the functions, and if I don't I can always expand it. It'd be great to have more lines visible for large formulas. And before you say that this disappears with the soft keyboard being shown I have a physophy one that I use :D
  • Specifying how many lines I want in the preview. For most formulas I want only one, so I don't need the big preview. It could be small and horizontally scrollable.

And a small bonus - if the preview of the preset was collapsible (main editor) it'd make for a great amount to of vertical space for properties and layers. Would definetely love that.

I have added monospace and smaller fonts options in the editor, i have also added a way to remove the toolbar, can you please open a single request for each of the others, is not easy to do requests with multiple features inside, will mark this as completed in the meanwhile (3.35)

I'll do that, sorry for not thinking about this earlier.