Images not loading / loading inconsistently

For some reason KLWP has been acting weird for a couple months now. Every once and a while, almost all images, whether they are a texture on a shape or just bitmaps, fail to load. The only image that sometimes loads when everything else fails is the album cover. Strangely enough, the images appear on the editor preview just fine.

I go in trying to fix the problem a variety of ways from the answers I've seen before. I try to re-select the images I am having problems with. I re-open the icon packs I am using (although not all the images I am using are icon packs; worth a shot I figure). I export and reload the preset. I restart my phone (this works more often than the other solutions, but not always.) Nothing really works the first time ... I try one of these things again in like 2 min... Pop! Works fine. Then in a couple days, or maybe a week, the problem is there all over again.

I really like kustom, long time suporter/user. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have the same problems with a serie of .png I use for battery meter.

The problems at my wallpaper are only with picuters with formulas (as my battery meter), not standard .png I use for starting apps or other touch functions.

I have a Samsung S8 with standard ROM, not rooted.

I have the same problem although I'm not sure if its the images or the app crashing. When I bring up klwp and reset it or save it, it normally works, but sometimes it has reset and I have to fix that klwp isn't my wallpaper anymore. I have nova launcher on a galaxy s7 nougat 7.0.

I'm having the same issue. All images fail to load, even though they work in the preview. This is the only wallpaper creation app available in my area. Pleas fix.