Images broken in editor


As of 2 days ago, the images I'm using in my current preset won't show in the editor. The modules are there, but they just show a general broken image icon. Shapes and text show fine. If I modify the image (crop, etc.) the actual image will appear again but once I close the editor and reopen it, it's back to a broken image. I've tried moving the image files to a different folder before selecting them as well as changing the file names and extensions (.jpg to .png) but that didn't work. I've also cleared cache and reinstalled the app but the editor still shows broken images. On screen, once the editor is closed, everything shows as it should, it's only in the editor that the images won't show. Also, when I go to presets to select a different one, the images are broken in this specific preset preview as well. I've been using this same preset for about a month now and it's never shown the broken images icons before 2 days ago and loading a different preset shows all images in the editor just fine. I've included a few screenshots to hopefully help resolve this.

Thanks, Brandon