Image import as svg problem


When I import an image as a svg the selection doesn't match the shape (it is always a square). Is there a way around that? Or maybe I shouldn't use svg files? (I like the fact that it's scalable and since I don't know yet what I want exactly it's easier to tweak)

Thank you

What do you mean with "the selection"? The touch area in Kustom is always square it will never match a shape if this is what you are asking

Sorry for not being clear, I mean there's a space created underneath my picture to make it a square, so if I want to align it to the bottom for instance the picture is offset. Of course I can manually offset it to be at the place I want but I was wondering if there was something I didn't do correctly

That looks like a bug in the rendering of the SVG, can you send me the SVG at [email protected] ?

Confermo, c'รจ un problema nel renderizzare i file svg. Non viene riconosciuto nel modo corretto il viewBox del file, inoltre l'ingrandimento non segue una logica, scala il vettore per grandi step.