Image copying between multiple wallpapers

I wanted to copy a bitmap from one wallpaper export to another but,

If i copy a image from one wallpaper to another, mark it in the first one and click copy then switch to the second wallpaper, it only shows a blank "image missing" screen and dosen't load an image, does anyone know how i can fix or get around this.

Hi! You need a Komponent to export and import resources from one Wallpaper / Widget to another, just do the following:

  • Open the first preset
  • Copy the object you want to export (one or more)
  • Add a Komponent (press "+" select Komponent and press the new doc icon on top) and enter it
  • Paste those objects inside the Komponent
  • Press the "export" button on the top menu
  • Save your Komponent
  • Open the second preset
  • Press "+" select "Komponent", go to "Exported" and select the previously created
  • Done, now you can export the bitmap out of the Komponent if you want

Hope it helps