I'm not sure what is the problem.

As you can see, the app is showing one thing and the widget is showing another. I'm not sue what I'm doing wrong, but positions in app and widget doesn't match.

This happen in certain cases, one of them is when you rotate an item, you need to play a little with the padding of the item, maybe if you have it inside the same Overlap group, take it in other item outside. Maybe Klwp take the padding of the top of the item and not the left, because is a rotated item.

I'm not sure what you mean whrn you say padding. I tfied turn my app language to english, but it doesn’t go full english. Lots of elements continue in portuguese. I'm maybe facing a language barrier to see the solution.

I'm spanish jajaja, a lot of complications here with the language👍

The padding is the position of the item in the preset or the postion of an item in an overlap group. You have an item and the anchor and padding


Deslocamento X

Deslocamento Y

izquerda preencher




Deslocamento e preencher e o padding

Oh I never realize that when inside a overlap group there were a padding to adjust. I'll put the same configs but using the overladp groups to see if it does fix. Am I in the right path?

Nice! I see that almost fix instantly... Well, at least widget is updating instantly. I'll try to explore more this option. Thanks A LOT!

You are welcome!!👍