If wind direction image with compass formula help?

Hello, new to kwlp,

I have an image of a compass on my screen and I would love it to rotate in the right direction for wind direction.

I tried using

$if(wi(wdir)>330, N, wi(wdir)>300, NW, ..., wi(wdir)>30, NE, N)$

But this did not work. Can someone help with the correct format?

You need to put the Rotation of the image in Manual, this give you the option to Offset, here you need to put a formula by tapping in the square in the right of Offset and then tap in the calculator in the top and in the calculator in Offset to open the formula editor, in the editor you need to go to the wi codes and put the wi(wdir) code, this are going to rotate the image in the wind direction.

So I've entered into the rotation and clicked to add formula but still stuck on the actual formula to enter.

So far I have. Still trying to get the compass image to rotate based on the current wind direction .

$if(wi(wdir)>337.5, N,wi(wdir)>292.5, NW,wi(wdir)>247.5, W,wi(wdir)>202.5, SW,wi(wdir)>157.5, S,wi(wdir)>112.5, SE,wi(wdir)>67.5, E,wi(wdir)>22.5, NE,N)$
$wf(wdir, 0)$

So I've entered into the rotation by offset and clicked to add formula by the calculator but still stuck on the actual formula to enter.

You entered Rotation and then selected Manual, and then entered in the Offset square to put the formula?

If you have a formula here, you need to delete it and choose in the Wi codes(weather now) the wi(widir) code.

Worked it out when you reexplaned. Thanks. Had the formula in the wrong section .