If uptime longer than - then write something

Could You please help with if/else code which could display a particular text if uptime is longer than - let's say - 3 days? Otherwise display nothing... I can't figure it out.

The question is where you are going to have the date, but one that you can use is


Here you are saying that if the days remaining to the 2019 year 02 month 23 day is more than 3, transparent color if not, white color.

Unfortunately I can't see the difference when I set a date which is less than 3 days...

Klwp use seconds to calculate the dates, and if you use days, at the 00:00:01 from today are 0 days to tomorrow(0days 23hours 59minutes). If you want 3 days you can use 4 days, or put the hours too like 23h and put the if = in hours(72) and this I think that are going to work.