If Condition Of Persistent Notification Not Updating

Hey, so I use my phone as my microphone using WO Mic, I wanted to make a visual indicator of when the app is ready to connect, connected, or idle.

Luckily the app has a persistent notification that gives the necessary information, so I used the following formula to change the color of the indicator on the widget depending on the state of WO Mic.

Here's my current formula:

$if(ni(s0,text))="Wo Mic is streaming. Tap to stop.","#FF0000",ni(s0,text)="Wo Mic is listening. Tap to stop.","#FFC1DF00","FF252424")$

Does it work?

yes it does, technically

the problem is, It DOES NOT update at all unless I open the editor or turn the screen off and turn it back on, it REALLY frustrating because it's a widget that I've put so much work in, I wrote a full API and hosted it to be able to grab info from it with wget.