Idea : Add a global button at top of every screen for parent

A little more explanation is probably needed

I find myself scratching my head that I have to go back multiple times just to find the globals tab, especially when I have multiple nested stack groups and komponents. I wish there was a persistent global button that would know whether you were in root or some parent komponent, and open the globals just for that particular parent.

For example, if you have a komponent selected, the global button would show globals for the Root parent. If you have a nested komponent within another komponent, the global button would show the parent komponent that contains the nested one.

If this sounds confusing, then an alternate option could be possible but it would require a popup global interface and would hide some of the editing ui. I am in the process of recreating the ui of this and hope to share it in a Reddit post.

Did you ever share it on Reddit?