Icon on arc-shaped progress bar

Hi, I'm trying to create an arc-shaped progress bar that is a whole day and a weather icon that is placed on it at the correct time, I did this using this formula $ (180/1440*(df(h)*60+df(m))-180/2) $ and everything seems to work fine, but I would like the weather icon to be straight and I have not found a way to give it the right angle, does anyone have any ideas? Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you

Ok so you want a weather icon to follow an arc and at the same time you want the weather icon to be straight, right? The way to do it is to place the weather icon inside an overlap group, then you apply your rotation to the overlap group, finally you apply 2 times the reverse rotation to the icon inside. So for example:

  • You create an overlap group
  • You rotate the overlap group by $60/360*df(m)$ so by minutes for example
  • Then the icon is rotated $-(60/360*df(m)) * 2$ this will make the icon look "straight"

Thanks for the help, I had already tried this solution, my problem is that by applying the formula to the weather icon it does not rotate on itself but along the arc, so its position on the arc is no longer the correct one.