Icon change during activity.

I have selected LAUNCH ACTIVITY to start sound recording. I want to change icon during recording (till stop). How to do.

I think that you don't have any code in Klwp to use in an "if" condition formula to change the icon in a launch activity like this.

Alternatively, I need a formula like below :

1st click ...1st colour

2nd click.. different Colors.

Next click...1st color

Next click...2nd color

Please help me know if possible.

For this you need to create a global list.

Go to globals and create a global list like gv(change), and put in the list


Now go to the button and create a touch action

Touch> global variable


like this is a global list you need to choose what in the list are going to choose the touch(1,2 or 3), choose 1, touch in the button, now the button are going to choose 1 (this is to in the other step it work)

Now go to the same and choose, next value, now in every touch the value are going to change from 1 to 2 and to 3.

Now you need to go to the item or items that you want to change the color in tap, and put this formula

$if(gv(change)=1,ffff0000, gv(change)=2, ff000000,gv(change)=3,ffffffff)$

Choose the colors that you want in the codes colors.

This are going to change the colors sequentially in every touch.