I want to package my widgets for Playstore but can't find any tutorial on how to do this

I am a graphic designer who has dabbled with coding and theming for years. I have been playing with Kustom Widgets for quite some time as well, and I have to say that I have been making some seriously beautiful widgets. I love the challenge of taking an idea for a widget that Ive sketched out, and figuring out a way to execute it within the constraints of Kustom Widgets. My widgets end up being quite intricate, as I have to sometimes use many shapes and textures layered over one another to get what I am after. I am basically creating graphics with Kustom Widgets - you would have to see one of my designs to fully appreciate what I am talking about. I spend a lot of time on each widget. The inspiration usually comes from whatever wallpaper I am using in my current setup....I pick wallpapers out, set my launcher to match, carefully select icons, etc....then design widgets for each page. I really would like to be able to release them on the Playstore for others to download, but I cannot seem to find a tutorial on how exactly to do this. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would really be appreciated. Thank you!