I signed into the wrong google fitness account and i do not know how to switch accounts to track steps

I recently created a widget with a step counter but i signed into my uni account on google which doesnt allow google fit. How do i switch google fit data to draw from my personal email? I have already switched the sign in on the fit app.

If at any point you want to stop Google Fit from collecting data, you can disconnect your apps and devices by following these steps:

  1. Find Google settings in one of these places (depending on your device):
    • A separate app called Google Settings Google Settings
    • In your device's main Settings app Settings app, tap Google.
  2. Under "Services," tap Google Fit.
  3. Select the app or device that you wish to disconnect.

If you disconnect an app from Google Fit, it will be disconnected on all devices where that app is installed. Disconnecting an app will not delete any data that the app stored in Google Fit.

Thanks for the response! I recently found a fix that works really well for my particular situation:

My uni email is signed in to google fit which is not allowed to constantly collect data for security reasons. S health tracks all of my fitness data and I linked my fit account from school to my kustom widget. My method for collecting data and still having my goals and data collected and stored in both s heath and fit was to use health sync (google play store) to continuously sync data from s health to mt restricted g fit account. This way, I never have to worry about turning tracking on or off for google fit and my health data stays where it always has been. I have seen a lot of complaints about accuracy in the fitness data on kwgt but with this setup it is the EXACT same number of steps and distance as my s health account 24/7. Thanks for the support guys!