I need some help with my wallpaper

Earlier on this same phone I use P5 Klwp theme and it worked perfectly without Nova Launcher. Now I try to use it and the elements are not displayed correctly the items on the layout

I add screenshots how it looks on my phone. I appreciate if you can help me with this

Model: Xiaomi 12 Lite
OS: Android
Klwp Version: 3.73 with Pro Key

I would start by turning off MIUI Optimization from developer options as this creates issues on Xiaomi devices.

I tried it that way and it didn’t work either. I don’t know if it has to do with the app or with the Miui launcher. It doesn’t work with Nova launcher either

Did you check the wallpaper scrolling FAQ? Thats usually the issue:

Please ensure that you have “background scrolling” enabled in your Launcher settings, for example, in Nova, you can find this in “Settings → Desktop → Wallpaper Scrolling”. Then ensure that the image you set as background is larger then your screen (if you cropped it to screen size it wont scroll because there is nothing to scroll). Finally ensure that the number of screens in your launcher have the same count as the ones on the preset you are using. On some Huawei phones you need to go back to EMUI launcher (if its not your Launcher already), select a picture as a background and select the scrolling option on the bottom right, then go back to your Launcher of choice and KLWP.