I have a question about components and making widgets in kwgt for putting up in the play store

ok so im new to kwgt but absouletly love it and its features. but im confused about something. so if i understand correctly komponents are just pieces someone created for use in the program for making an actual full blown widget, same thing with icons. the part im not understanding is that i only seem to ever see komponents for kwlp only and widgets EVERYWHERE for kwgt. why are there none or better yet barely any komponent packs built for kwgt. are ppl expected to take bits and pieces from the differrrent widgets already pre made and use them in whatever they create or are we expected to make widgets 100% from bottom to top with no extra parts. like yes i got an idea for the widget that i made from someone else but its 100% uniqely made my work and i wanna put it in the play store but not if im gonna get in trouble for getting the base of my work from someone else. please help cuz im truly confused on this subject.

Komponents can be used in both KWGT and KLWP, the point of Komponents is to create a reusable object that can be used on any Kustom application. Its currently not possible to save a widget as a Komponent i might add that in the future but it shouldnt be too complex to copy paste a widget into a Komponent and export it as such. You can then distribute in the playstore both the Widget and Komponent version.