I am unable to create an apk. I keep getting compiler error

Ì tried to create an apk file online, but I keep getting compiler error.

The problem is with the keystore, the password chars are probably causing some issue, can you retry using only normal letters and numbers for the keystore password?

If thats the issue i will try to fix it

I changed the password to all letters and numbers and this is the error I go....

  • 08:26:11 I Generating sources
  • 08:26:12 I Checking keystore user and password
  • 08:26:13 E Process failed: keytool error: java.io.IOException: Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect
Something went wrong with compiler, check the logs

Are you uploading your own keystore?


Please try again now, again with normal letters, i just found out that if you finish the process the keystore of the previous run is kept, will fix that as well

It generated the apk, but it didn'the grab the name or description I supplied. See the attached.

This is what I submitted.

Good progress! That is a bug, let me fix it.

This is also fixed, thanks for reporting George! Closing this problem

This is not actual anymore, please use Konsole: