how to share the script


I have just moved to klwp from zooper, and getting a bunch of initial barriers.
The main problem I am facing is I dont know which file to share if I need some help (my Kustom/Komponents) is empty.

1. What should I share then?

2. Is this the official forum? or the reddit/g+?

3. Now, one real problem I am facing, is it possible to put few global switch `off` irrespective of its current status? Since I am ne, I havnt it figure out, if I can do (`if switch is on; toggle switch`); so I am trying to just put it off irrespective of its current state; but it seems impossible.
Any help?

Welcome to Kustom! So:

1. You do not need a Komponent to export your stuff, Komponents are made to share small parts of your presets (they are described HERE). To share the Widget just open the left menu and press "EXPORT", then a file named "something.kwgt" will be created in your SD card under "Kustom/widgets/" folder, you can then share your file.

2. This is the official forum, G+ and Reddit are community supported, im also there but its harder to keep track of info.

3. I am not sure i understand the question, if you add a Global of type switch the Global will never change by its own