How to remove a Fonticon and what are these for?

I added he preset Base Pack and used a date and time which is pretty good but along the way during the 'familiarising myself' phase I've ended up with an arrowhead shape slap bang in the middle of my lovely widget. I can see how to edit in the Fonticon field but no idea how to juse delete it altogether.....

Also, the Fonticon thing, is it something to hang actions off?


Just select the font icon module and press delete to remote it. If you want to add a touch action to it go to the "touch" tab, then press the "+" icon on top right and add an action to it (or multiple ones)

Thank you. Obviously I had sought a 'delete' option but could not see where it was. I can see numerous fields for tweaking and customizing, but no 'delete' or trash can symbol - hence my asking, exactly where is delete?