How to organize a table of series?


I made a table of series, essentialy table with upcoming events from my calendars. I made it like three adjascent series components, stacked one next to another and text inside rotated to be in rows, like this:

My problem is with the third column circled in red - when text varies in lenght, series put different amount of padding in the column, as if it tries to maintain the text to be centered inside the series, but every settings possible is set to be left aligned and with no paddings. The result is that if I have longer title, it overlaps with prevoius columns.

So, any suggestions how to fix this behavior or how to make table of series?

Thanks in advance! :-)

One option is to create a horizontal stack group with the day, time and tittle of the event, and put one by one inside of other vertical stack group, If you use this option I recommend you to put an overlap group in the time for example with a transparent rectangle that cover the width of the word with most letters(example, in the time a rectangle that cover the words "all day")this is to keep the same distance in the stack group.

The other option is to use in the description of the every event the "tc" ell code to cut the description to the amount of letters that you want and add 3 points in the final, this are going to prevent the text to put only the amount of letters that you want.

If you use this option remember to erase the quotation marks if you use a code inside the tc code, like:


This code are going to cut the tittle of the second event to 12 letters and add ... 3 dots in the final. Like: Tony birthda...

This are two options to solve your problem.

The suggestion to put the series in overlap group with some rectangle to stretch it was what really helped me. Thanks!

You are welcome!! Yes this is the way that other designers make the events list. If you want to simplify the creation of this series, you can create a komponent, and create a global list named event with a list with this: 0, .1,2,3,4,5

and create the first serie with the gv(event) in every code like:

$ci(tittle, gv(event)$

and using the gv event in the number of the notification code.

After that you can repeat the komponent for the amount of events that you want, go to the global event and put the number of event that you want, like 0,1,2.

This are going to create the item for this event. 0 event ,1 event, etc. Good luck👍