How to make to show only all day and events sepreately


I was able to manage to show the all day and I coming events separately. Now how can I manage that they should only show the day events and when there are no more event for the day the should put a text with "no more events for today" currently if there is no event they show the next event for the next day. Is this possible somehow?


You can use an if condition in the codes, but is difficult to give you an example without knowing how is your events preset is made, and what you want to see (like how many days you have in the preset, and if you want to see only what you said "no more ......bla bla bla, and the other events for the following days, or only the no more......Here you have an example to use the if condition.

Thank you this formula worked fine!

Good to know that it's work for you!! 👍

Hi, another question I have wanted to show 10 minutes before the event to change from time to show the event but when 1 minute after the event it change back to time. How can I maintain the event until it's finished bevor it will change back to time?

This is my global for show event

$if(gv(DspEvent), if(gv(NxtEvnt) > gv(EvntMin, 1440), 0, if(ci(title, e0) = "", 0, 1)), 0)$

Thanks ahead.

Try this and see if work for you 👍

Thank you this worked perfectly!

Good good!! You are welcome!!👌👍😃