How to get music player to work

How do youget the musicplayer towork in any theme. What setting do i need to adjust to play from my amazon music player.

Hi!!! So, please check the following to ensure Music works:

  • Ensure Kustom has access to System Notifications, the app will ask you to enable that as soon as you save
  • Ensure you started your player at least once, Kustom needs to detect the player you are using (you can also force it in the settings if you like)
  • If your app or phone has an option to hide the cover in the lockscreen please ensure that its disabled because that will prevent also Kustom from accessing it
  • If you still have issues try to see if Google Music works, if Google Music works and your player does not then it might be a player problem, some do not fully support Android standards and might have some issues, in this case please open a problem specifying the player name and i will try to see if there is any workaround (even if it should be reported to the player dev too)
  • If Google Music does not work try a reboot first or reinstall the app

Hope it helps!

I work with nova launcher and i found something. First the music controls did not work. If I chose a second time kwlp to be my live wallpaper the controls work, but not the cover art.

For the cover art, did you check that maybe your player has an option to hide the cover in the lockscreen? If you enable that option it will interfere with Kustom.

Hey, I see that the player does work with Google Music. Like the user above, I also use Amazon music. I see the option to force it to use that but it still will not work with it


Im having the same problem but it always stays on spotify and player whic is what I use

have you set player to automatic in klwp editor settings?

Hey I am using a preset music player that displays the time and song. When i'm in the app and I change the song or the time of it, the player updates and shows the new song or time, but when i save and go to my home screen, the player does not update unless y go into the app and save the widget every 10 seconds, how can i fix this?

Главное меню kwgt => настройки => используется audioplayer и select your

Kwgt doesn't works with wynk music, can you help?

It think it doesn't work with wynk music. Please help with this.