how to display search results or similar

Don't know if this is something straightforward that i'm missing but I can't seem to find an answer, so here it goes. I would like to make a widget that displays stock values. For example that the widget pulls information every so often about "TSLA stock" and displays the value and how much change there is. And if possible a small graph. (image attached)

If anyone would know how to accomplish this, thanks in advance for your reply.

There's no easy answer to this and you should be aware that recreating graphs in Kustom is connected to a lot of effort (unless you can just retrieve the graph as an image from somewhere and use that).

With that being said, the first and most important thing you'll need is a source for that stock information, ideally an API providing it in JSON format (just search around for a free stock API, I have no experience there so I can't recommend any).
There are other ways to get information in Kustom (XML, RSS, etc.) but I'd strongly recommend JSON since that's the most future-proof method and probably requires the least complex coding.

For the actual formulas you'll need, I suggest you check out Brandon Craft's YouTube channel and search for videos on JSON to get an idea how to do this (it's impossible to describe in a simple text post here especially without knowing what data source you use).

Best of luck!

Thanks so much for the help!

Thanks so much for the help! (accidentally didn't click on reply)