How to display daily "summary" with Dark Sky?

In the blank space at the center of the attached widget, i had a pretty complex feature that relied on my weather underground API to lookup an xml file and print the long-ish "summary" for the days weather. It would default to today, but if you tapped on other days, it would update to the future as well.

Needless to say, now that they killed WU, i had to change to a subscription option w Dark Sky, but I cannot for the life of me seem to figure out how to point to a similar piece of data using the dark sky subscription method in KWGT? How do I lookup values in an xml file for Dark Sky?

Hi Matt, like you I changed to the Darksky api😁 try to use this


this is for today, it's like this api works like Klwp, 0 for today, 1 for tomorrow.....

Maybe you have a global list to change in tap the forecast from 0,1,2,3

in this case you need to put the global like this


This is helpful... But, i think where I am still confused is that I got the dark sky "subscription" through the app. So, how do I know what my api key actually is directly from darksky? I assume that has to go in the "yourapihere" portion, yes?

Ok, i have the key now... Getting really close. But sorry, not much of a programmer. How do i have it pull the lat / long automatically? If i use the line from yours, it doesnt work: latitudeandlongitude?units=auto

THis string seems to be exactly what I am looking for, and yes i already have the gv setup to change the day. I just need to know exactly how to format the "yourapihere" part so it gets location automatically. $wg(yourapihere),json,[+gv(forecastgv)+].summary)$

Thank you SO much for your help!

You need to see in Klwp in li codes your Lat and long, or use the codes, like

yourapihere/$li(lat)$, $li(lon)$?

and see how this work


Still not sure what I am doing wrong. Removed my key, but this is what i get when just trying to test printiing it out.

You are missing the last parenthesis, look if this solve it, and you need to put your api in the apikeygoeshere place, and erase the quotation marks in the codes, "$li(lat)$" is only $li(lat)$ and $li(long)$

Yeah, i had the key in there. Just took it out for the screenshot. Now I get this:

Where you have the li lat and li lon codes, erase this and put your latitude and longitude that you have in the li codes


/56.8756, -43.621


Ok, I have this with a global text, you need to create a global text and put your api here like one I give you in other post that is in blue with your lat and long, you need to go to the li codes in Klwp codes and copy your proper latitude and longitude

In the text you need to put this


where gv(apitext) is the global text that you created with your api.

Matt if you don't have luck with this, I uploaded a komponent to my Google drive with the global text and the li codes and a text to the summary, you only need to go to the globals in the komponent and in the global text erase the word "putyourapihere" and put your api code. You need to download the komponent to your phone and copy it to your card in

Kustom> Komponents

The kompo are going to show in the komps exported

Load the komponent to your preset and make the changes that I said.πŸ‘

I'm still struggling. :-( I see the komponent, but I don't see how/where I change the global that it is pointing to? It is called "wund" in the komponent, but when I go to globals there is no wund?

You need to go to the globals in the komponent, here is the global wund, tap in the rectangle that said:

this are going to open the editor to change the words that I said

I got it to work for a specific day, but as soon as I add another global (to allow the day in brackets to change), it no longer works.

For example, when I[0] ... To[gv(fcastday)] it says invalid argument count for wg?

Also, it looks like I can only look 1 day ahead w summaries in darksky. I could parse through all 7 days on wunderground.

This is proving very frustrating... But, thank you very much for your help so far.

Ok, I needed to add + signs. :-)

[+gv(fcastday)+] works... But, only for 0 or 1. 2,3,4, etc don't return any data. Any idea how to get more days?

Good you have it workingπŸ˜πŸ‘

To have the others days you need to put [0] or [1] or [2]

0 for today

1 tomorrow

and sequence

you have up to seven days of daily forecast

gv(fcastday) is a global list, you need to create a new one because this is connected with my preset.

How do you have the different days with the wunderground datas, for day 0 day 1 day 2??

It's a global variable list called fcastday believe it or not. Lol

But.... Anything 2 or above does not work?

Ahh, good, you need to edit the gv(wund) global in the komponent because I have only


only for three days

edit it and add


this are going to solve this problem