How to create pi diagram?

Is there a way to create a custom widget that shows a circle with multiple sectors and each sector angle is determined by the variable that is send my tasker. I mean like a pie diagram. I already tried with group stacking and putting rectangle shapes in it whose height is determined by tasker variable but it comes in a straight bar with portions but I want them in a circle. Please help me.

You can create a pie diagram using a "slice module" object, just place them all in an overlap group and use the tasker formula in the "angle" property. If you want to use different radius to make it a bit fancier i would suggest adding in the overlap group a big transparent circle in the background to ensure group size is at least that.

Thank you for your reply. I tried that. The circle slices come one over the other in overlapping. What use in it. I want circle with slices and each slice representing a tasker variable. Please help me.

Now I understand your idea. You mean if I have 3 variables x, Y, z then in first slice I have to put x+y+z and in second slice I have to put x+y and in third x. Am I correct? This is what you mean? I got another problem. why the tasker variables are not adding up? I attached screen shot. Please explain.

@Srinivas Piccalo:

As for Pi, you can use this calculation: 22/7 and to make it more precise, use the Math function to round the result to whatever decimals you need.


$math(round, 22/7, 6)$ ➞ get the Pi number in 6 decimal precision.

Hope this helps.