How to broadcast array

I manage to send variables via broadcast to KWGT (from automate App), but don't get along with arrays. Could you give an example how this should look in code?

A bit ridiculous to answer my own question after a few minutes, but in case anybody comes across a similar problem, my solution was to use JSON encode in automate, so my example would look like this (in the "extras" field in the automate broadcast block):

{"org.kustom.action.EXT_NAME": "automate", "org.kustom.action.VAR_NAME_ARRAY": jsonEncode(["testVariable1", "testVariable2"]), "org.kustom.action.VAR_VALUE_ARRAY": jsonEncode([Variable1Content, Variable2Content])}

Update: I was too quick to say I solved the problem, the above code actually doesn't work, so if somebody has a solution for the problem, still welcome!