How do I get an image to switch back and forth with another image based on seconds?

I am doing this with the pro version of kwgt. I want to be able to switch between 3pics within a matter of seconds. I have tried the tu formula using rndimg. It works just fine using. 01 as the timer but when I go to the widget it does it very slowly if any. I am using nova launcher. Also triggering it with a global. As I said it works fine in the editor.... So what am I doing wrong?

Widgets cannot update more frequent than once a minute, you need KLWP for that, you can find additional info in the FAQ

Quick response! Awesome, thank you for letting me know. I wasn't sure what was going on, if it was the launcher or something else. I will look into klwp. But I really like my nova launcher so its going to be a hard choice.