How do I edit "internal_formulas" from the GUI?

I'm modifying the WeatherFlatSVG Icon global to point to a parent Komponent Global.

However, even if I copy the list directly to the parent:

"$wi(icon)$"##Current,"$wf(icon,0)$"##Today Forcast...

I will get a blank SVG.

Upon inspection of the .komp file, I see a field "internal_formulas" which is setting the bitmap_bitmap;

"internal_formulas" : {
 "bitmap_bitmap" :
   if(ai(isday), gv(tshower-day),

How do I view or modify this in the GUI? I'm trying to make komponent that has a single global (int between 0-6) and copy/paste that 6 times to make a weekly forcast. I only want to edit the single global and not each WeatherFlatSVG each time.

You have the list global that point the icons for every day of forecast, this is one global list.

You can repeat the komponent in other komponent that you create, and go to the list global in each repeated komps and select the days forecast, current, today, tomorrow,....

If what you want is change the svg icons you need to edit the komponent(unlock it) and change the icon, one by one.

Nelson, You're telling me how to do it manually for each repeated komponent, yet I'm trying to automate each repeated komponent. I want to set a single global and have all nested komponents work on that.

Strangely, linking the WeatherFlatSVG icon variable to the parent komponent or using the formula simply returns a blank icon.

Hey Nathan your proposal is very interesting, what is the code that you are using, if it's possible to know, to connect with the parent komp? Maybe you can post this question in the G+ Kustom Official page, there you have more users and moderators that can help with this. Yes I know, here you have the developer of the app that maybe can answers this 😁

I see now that you want to edit the codes in the icons, for that you need to unlock the komponent(tap in the padlock in the top right of the editor when you are in the komponent), go to the icon, when you are in the icon, tap in it, here you have the formula of the icons 👍😁