How do get arithmetic in KWGT?

I am currently using KWGT and I can't find out how to do basic arithmetic. I am trying to do a subtraction of two numbers. I would presume that it would be $mu(sub, 70, $df(mm))$, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Can you help?

I don't use much math in Kustom apps, but what I advice you with codes is

You can't use the "$" sign inside a formula like you use in this code you need to use this like

$mu(sub, 70, df(mm))$

You need to put the same amount of brackets "(" to one side that to other ")"

You can't put a code inside other code with quotation marks, because the quotations print what are inside literally.

This are general advices, I think that the first apply for your code.