How can I show the live wallpaper as lock screen background?

When I first installed KLWP, the live wallpaper also showed as background on the lock screen.

For a test I applied a static wallpaper to the lock screen, and now I can't get it back to the live wallpaper.

When choosing a static wallpaper from the phone Settings, from the launcher, or from the gallery the phone asks if I want it in the home screen, the lock screen, or both. But when setting a LIVE wallpaper, the only option is the home screen, not the lock screen.

I understand that a KLWP wallpaper shown in the lock screen wouldn't be interactive, but the info in it would be visible.

Maybe the KLWP was visible because I had NEVER chosen a lock screen background before, so the setting was somehow "blank" and it allowed the homescreen wallpaper to show.

I'd appreciate any help in trying to get the KLWP wallpaper into the lock screen.

BTW: this in on a Note7.

I had the same problem with my Note7. googled the issue and followed instructions and downloaded Samsung good lock and set it was a load of rubbish, so removed it and as soon as i did, i was able to see kustom on the lock screen again. Looks like some default settings were restored once good lock was removed and default lock screen came back into use..also, make sure that in the root, Layer is set to always.


I know, might be too late to share but somehow, this method worked on my s7 edge nougat.