How can I make an image/color change as the time reaches 5pm, but make it change back at 6am?

Test this


You can use sunrise and sunset too


Now it's just stuck on the night image.

You are in the dayimage time?

Yep. Day, then night, like you said.

I tested the formula now and is working as intended, this formula are going to show the dayimage between 6:00 and 16:59 and then show the nightimage, this is not what you have?

I recommend you to use global bitmaps to put the images and use the globals in the formula like


I'm a bit new to this, so could you tell me what global bitmaps is?

In the tab of the editor where you have

Items, background, layer, Globals, touch here and touch in the + icon in the top and choose bitmap, this are going to give you the option to put a name, put day for example, and then select the image in the images option, make the same and create the night global, then go to the item that you want and put an image, then tap in the right square and in the calculator in the top to put the formula that I give to you, create the globals with the same name that I put day, night

Is there something else I should do if I want multiple images updated at once?

I found the problem: I hadn't been switching between AM and PM when testing.

you can put the same formula but with day1 and night1 for example and create the globals like the others but with this names

I don't know what you mean here😁

This formula are going to work with 12 and 24 hours format

But if is working now, good πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ