How can I make a shape move with text?

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to make a shape move with morphing text? And if it is, how can I do it? I've been looking but I can't find anything. Help?

I wasn't able to do this as well.

It would be possible if there was an option to fit the (rectangle) shape to the overlap group (or stack group), but that isn't implemented (yet)

What do you mean with "move with text"? If you mean resize with text to cover the text area then this is not possible yet (please open a new Idea in case), a very ugly workaround might be the following:

  • Create an Overlap group
  • Add a shape to your overlap group, this will be the background of your text, make it as large as the text can be (max width of text)
  • Add a Stack Group, set mode to Horizontal Center
  • Add your Text to the Stack Group
  • Add a Shape to the Stack Group, same height as the background Shape, set color mode to "CLEAR"

This will make the "CLEAR" shape move with the text when text changes basically clearing the shape below so it will appear like the shape below is the bg of the text which is not.