Hourly weather icons

Hey, super happy hourly weather forecasting has been introduced. But is it possible to do this with weather icons? I edited the Google Now Weather komponent to be wf(icon, 1, 0) instead of wf(icon, 0), which I would expect to be the icon for the next hour. But it seems to only work with days, as it was set originally. Is it possible to do this? If not, could you please introduce it? Thanks!

Hi! In order to use the hourly icons in the existing komponents you need to turn the icon parameter into a formula (turning globals into formulas is available only in the new beta), so:

  • Select the "Icon" option in the "Globals" tab of the Komponent
  • Press the Formula icon on top
  • Use $wf(icon, 0, 0)$ for the first hour forecast, $wf(icon, 0, 1)$ for the second hour, $wf(icon, 0, 12)$ for the 12th hour and so on


mmm if 0,1 is the second, 0,12 can't be the 12th...

I'm also confused and did not find a proper documentation. For example how to I get the icon for the "day after tomorrow" at "15:00".

Would this be $wf(icon, 2, 15)$ or $wf(icon, a2d, 15)$ or $wf(icon, 2, 15-df(H))$?

So in other words: Which arguments are absolute values (15 vs 15-df(H)) and which are relative to the current day/time?