Hour in Progress Bar shows 12 AM/PM as full bar when it should be an empty bar

hi, i found a little bug, when you use Progress Bar to Show clock (Hour) in flat or circular shape it shows 12 AM/PM as full drawn circle or bar, 12 AM/PM should be shown as empty because 12 means 00 in AM/PM system so for example 12:30 and 12:00 in hour progress bar are showin the same and cant be diffrect because the bar is already full, and following 1 AM/PM should be one section till 11 AM/PM the again it should be shown as empty ill include a picture to show what i mean (12:28 is shown on both):

left shows 12 o'clock = no bar, 1 o'clock = one bar ... (correct)

right shows 12 o'clock = 12 bars, 1 o'clock = one bar ... (incorrect)

Hi! I understand (and agree) but unfortunately the AM/PM standard is quite bad and the ISO version returns 12 and not 0 when its either 12AM or 12PM, you can however fix this by doing the following:

  • Set "progress" to "custom"
  • Set min to 0, max to 12
  • Set sections to 12
  • Select the "level" option, press the formula button
  • Enter $if(df(h) = 12, 0, df(h))$

This will have the behavior you expect

thx for replaying, great app man