Hot to use an URL for background

When trying to use an URL for the background I can't.. I simply have to way of adding or adjusting anything. I get a white pop-up that says bitmap and that's all.

Hi Michele, to use an HTTP Url as a background image please do the following:

  • Open the editor
  • Go to the background tab
  • Select Type -> Image
  • Check the "Bitmap" preference, a calculator icon will appear on top right of your screen, press it
  • Now "Bitmap" preference is a formula, you can enter any http url there pointing to an image
  • You will have to save and wait a bit to see that appear on screen

I get to it being a formula.. and when I tap it to change it I get this:

Nowhere to type, nothing to change, just this..

Your background is currently not set to a "formula" but set to a "global" and there are no globals of type bitmaps (check this page for more info on Globals), anyway just select the Bitmap preference, then press the "globe" on top to turn it into a normal preference again, then select it again and select the "calculator" icon this time.

Got it.. thanks!

I was convinced this was a bug....Sorry..

I am trying to have my background update to the top post in a subreddit and I cannot seem to figure out how to get the full resolution photo. I am using the following formula:

$wg("", url, "")$

The text preview then renders as[sometext].jpg">[link]</a></span&gt

So now I am trying to use Text Converter to get everything before the first "&" in the text preview. Does anyone have some help with the formula here?

Thank you in advance!

For anyone following, the final formula is as follows:


$tc(split, wg("", url, ""), "&")$


I hope someone else finds this helpful