Hosting and Animating Other App's Widgets On KLWP or KLCK

Hello, I have a dream about that.

I am using Business Calendar Pro for many years and I love the app's widgets. Wouldn't it be nice to use other widgets as how they are.

I posted this as a request to developers and he suggest to share my opinion with community. What do you think about it?

It's a good idea, one thing that you can make is post this in the Reddit Kustom page, and link the users to vote the request here.

Good luck!!

Oh, I didn't think that. Thank you!

I second this, I'd love to use RTM, aCalendar, and a few other widgets on my lockscreen, without sacrificing style. C locker is close to my practical needs, but it's abandonware, buggy, and not themeable. I love KLCK, but I need my calendar and some other things on my lock screen, without having to use the stock calendar app for anything. Plus I'm not sure how you'd get data from other apps without writing something fully custom from scratch, which I'm not about to do with someone else's undocumented apis lol.