High CPU load with simple widget

Hi. I'm experiencing a high CPU load when I put a simple 4x1 widget on the screen.

Here is a video showing it:

I'm monitoring CPU usage with Simple System Monitor

Relevant data:

  • Phone model: Oneplus 3T 8.0.0 (rooted)
  • OxygenOS 5.0.1
  • Nova Launcher (up to date)
  • KWGT version: 3.31b808608 (+ KWGT Pro user license)

The widget uses as Text source this formula:
$wg("file:///sdcard/Tasker/scripts/test.txt", raw)$

Any idea why would this happen? I think that didn't go that way in v3.29 so maybe something to do with the last changes added to wg().

Thank you very much :)

Will check, please update to 3.32 now in alpha at https://kustom.rocks/kwgt/apk to ensure this is still present

Great! I just tested with 3.32b812711beta and the CPU level keeps low as expected. It seems fixed. Thanks.