Hide specific globals list item when I select in another globals list specific item

Hi, I want ask if is possible hide specific list item in globals when in another global list is selected another item.

Global List 1 - Item 1, Item 2, ..
Global List 2 - Item A, Item B, ..

When I choose Global List 1 - Item 1, then on Global List 2 see only Item B, when Select Global List 1 - Item 2 I only see in Global List 2 - Item A.

Thank you.

Hi! Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, the only thing you could do is use a formula in the item value and then return a different result depending on the first global, so you could add to the list a value like $if(gv(a), something, other)$ so the entry will be the same but the value returned will depend on global "a" value.