Hide seconds hand of clock when not on charge


I've had a look at the FAQ & I didn't see this kind of thing listed.

I have an analog clock widget set to refresh the seconds hand while charging. Currently it shows the seconds hand at all times, but only animates it while charging. I want to hide the seconds hand while the phone isn't charging so it isn't shown being stuck in place all the time.

Is this possible?



Use the same formula, but reverse.

If you have the second hand in an overlap group, go to the layer of the o. group and in the visibility put


if is a shape in the root of the preset, go to the color of the shape and use this


change the ffffffff for the color that you have in your second hand.

Perfect. Thank you!

I don't know if I should put this in a different topic, but I also wanted to show a battery charging image while the phone is charging, & hide it the rest of the time.

I've just added an image to the stock battery bar module, but I have no idea how to assign these actions

This can help you, put the image in an Overlap group, and in the visibility of the layer of the Overlap group use this


Both suggestions have been great. Thanks again.

Last question,

How would I hide a text seconds timer when unplugged? I have analog and digital.



You are welcome!👍