Hey I ve wanted a few things from your app

I am not demanding these or anything you can tell me your thoughts on them. Like why they might or might not work or why you haven't added them if you ve already considered them

first is the blur from Zooper, it worked like a shadow but traced around the objects for example this worked really well for text where it would make the text "pop", you also had the option to choose the angle of that blur and intensity. Especially for text unless you do a duplicate and some effect work this cannot be achieved with the shadow option. To expand on this the shadow option in klwp seems kinda glitchy or not right to me when having it at an off angle 45 135 degrees etc..

secondly it's the action options for global switches, I am not sure if there is an other way around this but I wanted to make an only turn off action. It was for a browser style project where clicking an off tab will close the existing one, if I added the current toggle action it would toggle the other turned off tab on (was planning on 3 or 4). I am sure there is an other way design wise but it would be nice to be able to do that. Also "if or and" would be nice for these stuff as well

Please open a question if you need info on something (like how to use a global) or a feature request if something is missing (but a single feature)