Help with GV list (A,B,C,Off)

I have a gv list that contains 4 items: Music, Apps, Weather, None. And i also have 3 "tabs", each one appear with an animation triggered by a button that selects one item from the list, and a formula.

Example: <$if(gv(Tabs)=Music,1,0)$>.

I did this because i don´t want the tabs overlapping.

how can i do that every button select the item from the gv list on the first touch (like switching ON) and then, in the second touch, select the "None" item in the gv list (like switching OFF).

You cannot do this with a list, you need to use a text global, so

  • Add a text global call it "switch"
  • Set touch on Music to switch to something like $if(gv(switch) = Music, None, Music)$
  • Do the same for the others

This will make the switch become Music if its not and None when already set to Music