Help with formula

I keep asking questions about formulas... Because I actually know nothing about them. Truth is, I take other formulas and edit the obvious parts until I get them correct. So if it was $if(gv(example), ALWAYS, REMOVE)$, then I would change "example" to one of my own Globals.

Now that that's out of the way, here's the problem:

$tc(ell, wi(temp) in li(loc), 23)$

I think it should be pretty obvious, but what I'm trying to get here is the current tempature followed by "in" (current location).


65 in Hill Valley*

That's how I want it to end out.


*not real location

Your formula is correct but you need to join strings with "+" so exact one would be: $tc(ell, wi(temp) + " in " + li(loc), 23)$

Ah I'm so stupid! I knew that... Thanks!