HELP! Tasker removing KLWP?


I just started using KLWP and Ive run into trouble keeping it active.

I use Tasker to change my wallpaper upon unlock. I can successfully send the tasker variable to KLWP. I go to homescreen and see the wallpaper will change to the current wallpaper set by Tasker, and KLWP will be active as I can see KLWP's time and date texts but once I lock and unlock my phone KLWP disappears. I want to keep KLWP active when I lock and unlock my phone.

Any help to fixing my problem would be appreciated, thank you!

What do you mean with "disappear" you mean that KLWP hides the objects in the root? If yes just ensure that in the Layer tab under the Visibility option you have "ALWAYS" instead of "If Not Locked"

I figured out what was wrong. I had Tasker changing wallpaper set to ALL I changed to just Lockscreen and now KLWP shows on my homescreen on top of a random wallpaper.