Having a LOT of trouble with the editor lately

I don’t know if it was a recent update or not but I’ve been experiencing significant lag in the editor for days and now some of my globals are disappearing among other weird, random glitches. Is anyone else having problems? And if so have you figured out any work arounds until it gets fixed? I had some great ideas for a preset but implementing them has been so slow and tedious that I’ve nearly given up out of frustration. It may be my device is getting old or that it’s rooted but I’d really like to be able to get back to kustom work again without pulling out whats left of my hair lol

Oneplus 8T (global variant)
RisingOS Custom ROM (GAPPS version)
rooted w/Magisk
Virginia, USA

First, check and make sure that you have the latest build installed. Check the link below for the latest build if it’s not yet available in the Play Store for you.

Do you recommend the beta or the stable… I’ve had mixed experiences with the beta before is why I asked but I haven’t tried the current one yet.

Disregard last reply… I’m already on the latest. This is the kind of thing that I’m dealing with;


Actual After Saving to Homescreen:

Edit: (Description)-Missing icons and no colors at all.
I haven’t had problems like this in a while.

Is this affecting all themes or just this specific one?

Some worse than others but it seems to have improved somehow… I can edit most of my presets… It’s still a bit laggy and if I am sure to create a restore point before I export it usually completes the export correctly… It wasn’t doing that before especially if I edit a global variable… It was just reloading the preset from before I made the changes. Rss feeds and most certainly any gifs still slow it down to the point that a very persistent toast message is displayed: "Kustom Live Wallpaper is not responding… " or something similar. I’m able to work on them now… Very slowly.