Gyroscope X axis animation problem


I'm trying to make a 3d parallax-like effect using KLWP, but the gyroscope animation for X axis works not as I expected. It doesn't provide me a 'seamless' animation.

For Y axis, I can show smooth and continuous animation for entire angle of rotation. But for X axis, the animation only works as I expected when my phone screen shows upside. When the screen shows downside and I show the screen from below, X axis animation flickers between two extremes of the animation sequence.

I presume that the animation warps between 180 and -180 degrees. at degree 180, the object should go rightmost position of animation. but at degree -180, the animation moves leftmost position, making the animation flickering.

This flicker can be reproduced by the following steps.

1. For an object, set animation with "ReactOn : Gyroscope", "Action: Scroll", and "Axis: X".

2-1. Flip the phone and see the screen from below.

2-2. Or, stand the phone vertically.

Same thing occurs for X axis when I set axis to "XY".

X axis animation should be seamless as Y axis does. It can be somehow enhanced to smoothly loops throughout 360 degrees. X axis rotation may be split not by 180 degree but by 90 degrees, and +180 and -180 degree can be considered as degree 0. For instance:

Now: -180 ... -90 ... 0 ... 90 ... 180

To: 0 .... -90 .... 0 ... 90 ... 0

A toggle option may be provided to switch between those two modes.

Sorry for long and verbose explanation; if there is anything uncertain please let me know to explain further.