The idea is:
when placing a group, there would be another option for a group that:
- has it's own globals: basically a group for which all the root globals apply, but can also have it's own globals. And if there's a global with the same name, it applies the one of the group and ignores the one in root;
- can also be locked;
- is NOT exportable

would be useful when making:
- a calendar - all the calendar specific formulas wouldn't have to be set as root globals, and all the theme/color global formulas wouldn't have to be recreated in a komponent;
- separate groups that rely on different globals, but have the same theme globals - from root;

- when selling an unlocked preset - users can copy-paste certain elements, but some groups remain locked and uneditable (text and objects inside can still be changed by the group's globals, as well as root globals (e.g. fonts, colors, etc.), but the group can have an inaccessible code that hides it, if the bought app is uninstalled/refunded.

It would be a special custom controlled group.

I forgot to mention this: color filters don't go through these groups!

A good name for them would be: "Kontainer" ;)

Not sure i understand why a Komponent cannot do this already, whats the difference? One thing i can do is allow root globals in a Komponent and then clone them when exporting the Komponent, would that cover this?

Well, yea.

Right now when I integrate a komponent into KLWP, I need to remake all the globals, otherwise formulas for positioning, animations... don't work.

For now I made myself a "template" komponent, but if you can make komponents clone the missing globals, that would be much appreciated.