GPS Lat Long Incorrect

I was primarily investigating why my weather forecast wasn't matching my location very well, but it seems the culprit is in fact the location service. It was mentioned in an earlier thread that weather might be inaccurate due to KWGT incorrectly mapping a city to your coordinates.

However, even the Location Info - li(lat), li(lon) - is displaying completely the wrong coordinates. It seems to be snapping to a 'nearby' large city (not even town), which is over 15 miles away.

And this location then seems to get mapped to a weather station that is 27 miles way. As a result the actual temperature where I'm at is 26'C, KWGT reports 22'C.

tl;dr GPS doesn't match actual position, weather station doesn't match GPS and temperature doesn't match weather station.

I checked my location services, but everything appears to be enabled correctly? KWGT does have location access, and other apps report location correctly. Is there anything else I might need to set up on my end?

some phones/Android versions have issues with GPS access, and will use inaccurate network locations. IDK, but this could cause your phone to report the location of a cell tower, network router, or wifi network instead of using GPS.

Does the GPS active icon turn on?

If not, try disabling "network location" or "google Location Accuracy", wifi scanning, or "battery saver" mode (these have different names in different phones and Android versions) and make sure phone is in device only GPS mode in Android settings, location settings.

Then put KWGT into "High accuracy" in it's location settings... then the GPS should come on.

I've had to do this, before I did so I was getting locations many miles away, or no location at all.